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This is my giggle space.

This journal is now friends only!
I generally only add people I know, but if you do wish to be added please comment below or PM me :)


Hello there! Thanks for the sweet message! I tried to stalk your journal too, but it's private so i can't tell what you look like!!!

I'm just a bit gutted, it was my first time at the London Expo as i live in the Midlands- and I have exactly 0 loli friends- I guess i was hoping for something more. Not to worry. It's nice of you to take the time out to write me a little note, it certainly made me feel a lot better. ^_^

Would you mind if I add you?
:) No not at all! I'll add you back. There aren't really too many photos of me on my journal, but keep flicking down and you should find some. Oh and please bear in mind my journal is full of utter nonsense XD

It's hard when you first join the fashion because everyone else seems to be quite close already but I promise you we are a very friendly bunch, we've had lolis from other countries come over here and tell us we are the friendliest lolis they have encountered so let that help put your mind at rest!
Hey, I believe we met today. Add, please? :)
Ahhhhh sorry I feel rude, I added you back but forgot to reply to this! So basically hey there! Let us be good LJ buddies xD!


I'm from the UK and like Lolita too. Could I add you.

Sophie x